Gina Gannon

Local News

As part of a team with major networks such as 6ABC, NBC 10, and PHL17, Gina is a highly-qualified news reporter and traffic anchor who is well-versed, articulate, updated in current affairs, and quick on her feet.
She is a powerful public figure and presenter through her ability to communicate with reporters while on the air, with lead sources, and especially while interacting with members of the community.


Gina started her career as a shore traffic reporter on NBC 10 in 2009. She had to learn how to use a green screen and how to speak off-the-cuff.  She would report the traffic on the weekends for viewers heading home from the shore or the mountains.

From there, she worked for a 24-hour All Traffic cable station called Tango Traffic. This job really helped hone her skills and master her craft because their format was doing a full traffic report on all 10 Philadelphia major roadways including incidents, breaking traffic problems, and construction with no commercial breaks. This job helped her tremendously to master her reporting.

Gina would go on to help out on the PHL 17 Morning Show as a fill-in weather anchor. Her years of ad-libbing while doing traffic live allowed her to fill in seamlessly.

It was then that 6ABC Action News hired Gina as a backup traffic reporter in December of 2016.  She has been working for the station since.



Once Gina joined the 6ABC Action News team, they saw her passion for food and asked her to host a brand new cooking segment called, “In the Kitchen with Alessi,” where she would interview registered dietitians and they would cook meals using Alessi products. That show ran for 3 straight years on FYI Philly.

You can also catch Gina hosting the ever popular, “Shelter Me” segments profiling dogs from local rescues ready for adoption.

Gina wanted to be out in the community more hosting live events and has now done so for many years through the station.  Once the pandemic hit, a lot of those events transitioned into virtual.  Gina remains the station’s Facebook Live Host delivering numerous topics at different locations as well as working on the their weekend show, 6ABC Weekend Extra, where she profiles local businesses on a variety of topics.