Gina Gannon

About Me

Gina is a Gourmet Food and Beauty Brand Representative who has appeared and launched major brand products on QVC, QVC2, Beauty IQ, QVC Japan, QVC UK, and The Shopping Channel in Canada.  

Born and raised in “The City of Brotherly Love,” she exudes Philly Pride and passion into every facet of her life and career.

Gina caught the TV bug early in life and started anchoring entertainment segments for her grade school’s news program. From then, she knew it was the only path she wished to pursue. When the time came for Gina to apply to college, Temple University was the clear choice due to their exceptional Communications Program. As an undergrad, Gina interned at a local television station to get first-hand experience, which only made her desire of working in television even stronger. Gina received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and proudly exudes her “Temple Made” mentality wherever she goes. 

It was Gina’s internship at NBC 10 that opened the door for her to eventually land an on-air job.  At the time, a shore traffic reporter job became available at NBC 10, and she had to apply for it. With Gina’s skill set of being able to ad-lib and think on her feet combined with knowing her way around the greater Philadelphia area, she knew this would be a job perfect for her.  She practiced weekly and honed her skills as a traffic reporter. Those skills include off-the-cuff speaking/ad libbing, being able to adapt to changes on the fly, listening to the producer through in-ear monitors while speaking at the same time, and explaining things in an easy manner that viewers can understand. In 2009, Gina became an on-air shore traffic reporter at NBC 10. This was her first television job and only made her thirsty for more work.

Gina’s current slate includes working as a Gourmet Food Host on QVC.

Gina always had her eye on the prize and always dreamed of being a QVC host as she knew she had the natural skills for the job. Gina loves to talk and her mom always had QVC on, so she knew if there was ever a job for her, it was this one. After many, many audition tapes (7 to be exact), Gina landed her dream job in April of 2014 working as an on-air brand representative on QVC as the guest host to hair cleansing condition innovator, Chaz Dean of Wen. Gina worked closely with Chaz and he was confident to have Gina represent his brand for him on QVC, QVC 2, Beauty IQ, QVC UK, QVC Japan, and to officially launch Wen in Canada on the Shopping Channel. With the home shopping business being improvisational and ever-changing, this allowed Gina to use her skills she learned as a traffic reporter while honing her craft in home shopping.  She represented WEN for 5 1/2 years.

In 2019 Gina wanted to follow her passion as a foodie and became a food guest on QVC where she represented numerous food brands on QVC’s multiple channels. Gina has become a familiar face for multiple brands, including Delizioso and Anastasia’s Confections, sharing her love and passion for food with QVC’s massive audience.


Currently, Gina can also be seen on WPVI 6ABC Action News, Philadelphia’s most watched news station.

Gina can be found hosting Facebook Live segments on a variety of topics as well as hosting 6ABC’s sponsored weekend show Weekend Extra. Throughout her time at 6ABC, she is also seen as a traffic reporter in Action News, and as the host of “Shelter Me” segments on 6ABC’s weekly lifestyle show FYI Philly.  Like most of the Greater Philadelphia Region, Gina grew up watching 6ABC. This full-circle career opportunity allows her to represent the station she has admired as a young, aspiring TV personality.